** Due to backlogs with Royal Mail we will not be posting for Christmas after 9th December. We really don't want gifts to not arrive in time and certainly don't want to cause any disappointment ** *Free delivery for orders over £50 going to NI & UK, and free delivery for orders over £80 going to Ireland and the rest of Europe *


Philip is a wood loving, skilled, creative dreamer that keeps our business moving forward, constantly improving our techniques and bringing you new products.  He wears many hats in our life and business and though I may be biased, he rocks them all!  Chief wood worker, equipment developer and maker, screen printer, in house barista, epic chip maker and encourager only scratch the surface.  As people keep telling me, every business (and family) needs a Philip!

I, Lisa, am a relentless designer and a raging introvert with a love for the classics, which of course may or may not include dirty dancing ;)  I can become wholly consumed by a design and my tendency to have a long wish list of quotes means you constantly see new, fresh designs on the go.   I am also the admin monkey, web designer, reluctant social media chief (see raging introvert), dark chocolate loving, wannabe minimalist and apparently win at making pancakes (according to our kids). I love lettering! I always have.  At school I could imitate any style of handwriting that caught my eye and I would happily sit for hours perfecting it.  


Once upon a dandelion was born from our desire to have our children experience positivity ​everyday, to have them encouraged, inspired and challenged to always be themselves.  We create quote signs and artwork for you with this same mindset and are inspired by the abundance of natural beauty surrounding us here at home in The Mournes.  


“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have yet to be discovered."     - Ralph Waldo Emerson -


In fact our very first piece of artwork we created for our home was a dandelion, Philip made the wood frame out of broken bed slats and what can I say, I'm a sucker for dandelions!