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Doing what we can...

We love this earth and for our kids and beyond we are both committed to minimising our environmental footprint. 

Our prints are hand printed on recycled paper made from at least 50% coffee cup waste with plant based, compostable and biodegradable packaging and recyclable card.

All of the packaging for our online orders is as environmentally friendly as possible at this time.  It is all recyclable, from our boxes, to the tape, the filling and our thank you cards.

The materials used and having more than one use was important to us as we developed our wedding stationary range.  The wood and recycled paper invitations are double sided with artwork to be enjoyed long after the wedding and the seeded paper can be planted to produce wildflowers, poppies, lavender... depending on the seeded paper chosen.

Our workshop and studio/home is heated using wood pellets and solar panels provide most of our electric during daylight hours.